Thursday, June 18, 2015

1-10 Spanish

This morning I woke up to the gentle sounds of rain and birds with a cool breeze wafting through my window. It was a nice way to wake after the past few hot days we've had here in PA. I hope you are enjoying your summer, wherever you roost!

I've been working on another set of Spanish language cards for my upcoming school year and thought I'd share them with you! These cards relate to the numbers 1-10. There are four sets of cards included in the file. Two sets that include stars to count for each number. They are identical except one has the Spanish word and one the English. The other two sets have the numerals and words, one in English and one in Spanish. I also created two title cards, one in English and one in Spanish.

These cards can be used in many different ways. Please excuse my scratched up sewing table! At school I would have the children do this work on a floor rug but you get the idea from these photos, right?

One way to use the cards is to count the stars (in English and Spanish) and match them up.

Another way is to match the numeral with the star cards.

You can also use the cards with objects. Below I chose the numeral Spanish cards and counted buttons (a cards and counters type activity). You could also use the star cards and have the child place the manipulative directly over the stars to be a little more self correcting. Of course the main point of the cards is Spanish language, not math but like I said, these cards are versatile!

If you don't want the words attached to the cards, simply cut them off! If you want to make three part cards, just print them twice. 

Once the child has a good understanding of the Spanish number words (can rote count), you can play 'pick a card'. In this game take one stack of cards (numerals or stars), mix them up and hold them upside down for the child to pick one. The child then looks at the numeral or counts the stars in Spanish. My school children love this game!

As I've been looking through the web for ideas and freebies I ran across Mudpies and Make-Up. She has a great blog post with free downloads of Spanish printables that can be used at circle time. I'm planning to incorporate these into my classroom as we study Puerto Rico next year. Click here to go to her post and get yourself some awesome materials. 

Click on the link below to print out my Spanish 1-10 cards. Let me know how you like them or if you have any questions.

Spanish 1-10 cards download

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