Sunday, June 21, 2015

First/Then Freebie

It is a glorious Father's Day here in Central Pennsylvania. I went for a morning bike ride through the farmland of our fair county. It was quite windy which I figure made the 12 miles I rode count for more like 15. It works that way, right?

Well, maybe not. I'm in the middle of making homemade ice cream sandwiches and really wanted that ride to counter balance the calories I'm planning on eating tonight during our yummy Father's Day dinner. We're having steak, potatoes and sugar snap peas right out of the garden. Can't get much yummier than that. Well, until dessert!

Anyway...I made this little download the other day and wanted to share it with you! If you are using visual prompts for your child/student, it can help to start with something very simple like a first/then card. In the photo below you can see that the child will first do some bead stringing and then can put together a puzzle.

You can also use a first/next/then card like the one below if the child is able to handle it. First work on a knobbed cylinder, then a metal inset and then you can choose a work. Remember that children with disabilities, especially those on the autism spectrum, often have a special interest. A special interest is something that they love to do and talk about. They will often work better if they know that after the work period they will be able to have time with their special interest. My son would have work periods that culminated in playing computer games for a limited period of time. 

Here's the one page freebie I made for you. I work in a school so I print on card stock and laminate everything for durability. If you are just at home, you could cut out the chart you want to use, tape it to a full sheet of paper and put it in a page protector. You can then just use tape to attach the cards to the page protector. As with what works for you! The link to the document is at the bottom of the blog post as normal.

Here it is!    First/Then download freebie.

If you are looking for the free visual cards link, go to this page. Please let me know if this or any other download I make available is helpful to you or if you wish I would change it or make something else! 

Most of all, have a wonderful Father's Day. Do something great for a Dad in your life.

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