Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Los Animales

Wow, that's quite a jumble of animals! Most 3-6 Montessori teachers have a bag, a box, a drawer or some kind of container full of small objects. We use them in the classroom quite a bit. Many of these came from a friend from church who was cleaning out her basement. I've had them stashed away for several years and I go through them when I am making materials for the classroom.

I've been wanting to add some animals to my Spanish language materials and thought I'd make a card/object matching work. I wanted it to be shareable so I have been working on finding photos or clip art on the web that were free to share. I wasn't happy with what I was finding and then in how the cards ended up looking. So I thought I'd see how it would look to photograph my animal miniatures and use them. 

wild animals
I have to say I'm quite pleased with how everything worked out and since I own the rights to the photos, I can share them with you! You can click on the link at the end of the post to get to the cards. There are 23 cards for you to use. You can print the cards twice if you want to use them as matching cards or just once and find some little animals to match with them. My kiddos love using little objects so I think this will be a hit in the classroom. I plan to break up the work into farm animals, wild animals and home (cat, dog, boy and girl). 

I hope you enjoy this work and come back to see what else I'm making! I think next up may be food. I'm also hoping to add in some materials to work on phrases and sentences so stop by often!

farm animals

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