Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Fun day

I was determined to spend some time in the sewing room today. My immediate project was this pillow (and another one just like it).
We bought a couch and love seat with this pattern (blah) about 12 years ago. The couch isn't in our house any longer and the love seat has a hole in it so large that sometimes we lose the kids inside. It works for the school room. I have hated these pillows for eons but never got around to making them look nice. So, today, I made them look nice. In the spirit of 'use what I have', I took the zipper off the old pillows and used them on the new. I must say I am darn pleased with myself. Aren't I just simple!


volpecircus said...

oooh, they are both great but they blue is toooo pretty!

volpecircus said...

wow, i meant "the blue." i should look over the dang thing before i rush to the "post" button.

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