Friday, April 20, 2007

use what you have upside down

I found this pattern for a groovy bag. I printed it off, found some fabric that I thought might look ok together (from the stash, of course) and cut everything out. I then read through the directions. I already knew I wasn't going to make the weaved fabric before I started so I didn't really bother to read the rest of the instructions. I sewed the lining to the outer pieces of fabric and then went on to read how to attach the panels together. To my great dismay, I discovered that it was all hand sewing. Sew the inside lining of piece A and B, then sew the outer edges of pieces A and B. That is a lot more time than I wanted to spend on this bag. However, I don't actually mind hand sewing and I do spend a lot of time sitting at the school table (where I can't machine sew). So, I spent the next two days hand sewing.

We have been learning about prepositional phrases and how they are sometimes used as adjectives and sometimes used as adverbs. This is tricky stuff. Frankly, I am only understanding it now. I didn't get it as a kid. So, why am I telling you about grammar in a sewing post? Because I was sewing the bottom piece of the bag while trying to explain grammar. Guess what happened? Maybe you already figured it out by looking at the picture. I sewed the bottom on to the top of the bag. This wouldn't be a problem except that I used Toile fabric and so now all my pictures are upside down.

I guess factories call this type of mistake a "second." Welcome to simplysewn seconds.

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