Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday WIP

I have noticed in my blog lurking that often the blogger will show a work in progress on Friday. I have no idea why this is but figured I'd do the same since I don't have anything finished to show. I gave you a preview of the above quilt a few days ago. I have been working on this for quite some time. The pinwheel blocks measure 7 inches when sewed together so the quilt should be about 35x49 inches when finished. I think it speaks to me of August because it is so bright but also contrasted with the white. I was craving this. I told my son that quilting is much more enjoyable in the winter because the quilt itself keeps me warm while I am making it. In the summer it is more of a chore. Right now I am quilting in the white spots.
The above work in progress belongs to Nathan and Nolan. This is a salt crystal garden. We have wanted to make it for a long time but had trouble finding the liquid bluing. I knew it could be ordered but never got around to it. One day while picking up some laundry detergent I spied it in the isle. It conveniently had the salt crystal garden directions attached. I need to look up the science behind it but you will need cut up sponges, liquid bluing, ammonia (yuk), water and salt. It took quite a few days before we began to see the crystals. In fact we were pretty sure we hadn't done something right when all of a sudden they began to grow. They do grow fast. I had to add the blue kitty to the picture, not just because he is blue, but because Mrs. Stewart on the bottle seems so disapproving of the whole affair. I'm glad she wasn't my mother!

Finally, I won't show you a picture of this, but we had the plumber here (again) and this time he installed a brand new sewer pipe in the basement. Believe me, this is not something you want to have leaking in your basement. Next week we get to have him back to replace the pipes leading from the bathroom to the basement. What fun!


Anonymous said...

lovely quilt, as always. i'm definitely going to have to try the salt crystal garden. my kiddos ADORE making the borax crystals - this would be a nice change up.

by the way, did you ever get my answer on the flickr tools? i couldn't find an e-mail adress to reply to.

volpecircus said...

beautiful as usual my dear! so sorry to hear about your plumbing. hope things are looking up. we had another little visit from the plumber the other day (we won't go into that) but i swear we are solely funding his retirement. :) your attitude through all of this amazes me. you guys are in our prayers!

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