Monday, August 6, 2007

Mail Call

We had some exciting mail today. Not one, but two packages. Wow. The first was for Nolan. He saved up his bucks (which isn't easy for him) and ordered a Sonic Heroes computer game. When it came it didn't work. He was crushed. I used it for a lesson on consumerism. We contacted the seller who was eager to please us. Nolan sent back the original package and today in the mail received a new one that works! This was a great lesson in patience as well. We all remember how hard it was (and is) to wait for something we really want. I was sort of glad this happened because I was able to teach the kids about the importance of checking your merchandise thoroughly before throwing away the packaging so that it can be returned if necessary. I love life lessons. Also delayed gratification was really taught here.

In the next package was something for me! If you remember this post, I was t
alking about the Phonetic Zoo spelling program. A friend of mine from our homeschool group knew someone who not only used it but was selling it! I was able to spend less than half the price of a new copy. I haven't had a chance to look through it yet but I am excited. Nathan and Nolan didn't think it looked quite as fun as Sonic Heroes.

Now this little fella didn't come in the mail but it was Nathan's special package today. This is a Monarch Caterpillar. Nathan has loved butterflies and caterpillars for so long, I can't even remember how it got started. We have a massive amount of milkweed growing in our backyard. In case you didn't know, butterflies will only lay their eggs on the plant that their caterpillars will eat. Caterpillars are picky insects and usually prefer one type of plant. For the Monarch it is the milkweed. There are others they will eat but I can't remember which ones. I think hollyhock may be another. Nathan snapped this picture and I asked him if he wanted to write about it but he said I could do the honors!

Today is the Feast of the Transfiguration. I used Sacred Space for the reading and prayer this morning. I was struck by the part of the reading that says (my paraphrase) that the disciples were overcome with sleepiness but they stayed awake and were allowed to see Moses and Elijah and Jesus transfigured. It really struck me that we need to stay awake even though we are often overcome with sleepiness so that we can experience the extra special blessings that God provides for us. Often in my life I am so tired just from living in this world that I want to give up. It is this "tiredness" that can often keep us from experiencing the Joy that comes from Jesus. On this hot August feast day, I encourage you to stay awake and experience the joys that God has prepared for you.


amy said...

I love this post, thanks for sharing.

Xia said...

This whole post was great, but the last paragraph is what God wanted me to read and take in. I'm dragging from a road trip with the little one and seeing all the negative lately. I'm praying for "this too to pass" as I don't like walking around in negativity. Thanks for waking me up!

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