Thursday, August 9, 2007

Quilt in a Day

I am getting ready for market day. This Saturday Amy and I will be at New Holland Market. I am excited for a new venue. New Holland is a very different place than Lancaster City and I am eager to see how the crowds differ. My kids have been at camp all week and so I have had the opportunity to get some things finished. Actually, I have been working on my pinwheel quilt and it is just taking forever to quilt. I actually quilted for one entire day and several parts of days. I am determined to finish the quilt by Saturday if I have to stay up all night to do it. The plumber is coming today to fix our bathroom pipes and so I am planning to go to the third floor (the kids room) where it is air conditioned and quilt. I just can't stand having a heavy quilt on my lap when the temp is between 90 and 100 degrees.
The quilt in a day occurred due to this horrible heat. I wanted to see just how "fast" I could whip up a quilt that looked great. I also wanted to do it without hand quilting to avoid the quilt on my lap as much as possible. I also wanted to use the rest of my Heather Bailey fabric stash and knew it would look best if not cut up too much. I "quilted" on the machine using embroidery thread (pink on the top, green on the bottom) using a shell stitch. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I actually like this quilt. It measures 38x40 inches. I am incapable of making a quilt that has normal dimensions.

The plumber is here, the kids need to go to camp, the husband is off to Philadelphia for his bass lesson and the third floor is calling my quilt. I hope to have the finished project to show by tomorrow.


volpecircus said...

oh my goodness...that is gorgeous! the fabric and contrasts are wonderful.

amy said...

Love it!

Xia said...

Best one yet Beth! I really love this and bet it will be hard to part with. Charge A LOT for this beauty.


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