Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My first Lenten sacrifice

I've continued pondering and praying what to do for Lent. I was going to buy a few new books but have decided my first sacrifice would be to use what I already own. So we are still talking about what to do but have some ideas. My kids like to draw pictures and so I am going to get them a new blank book (ok, so I am going to buy something...) and read a story of a saint each day. I have several saint books to draw from. Some are very short stories and some are longer. This way on those days that we have other activities we can still get this in. The kids will then draw an illustration of the saint. By the end of Lent they will have quite a book. On Sundays we will make homemade pizza together and begin a small study of the Mass. Mike is home then and we are making a commitment to not planning anything else during that time so we can really journey together as a family.

I am still thinking about prayer. I would like to get the boys thinking about having their own private prayer life. I realize that they pray, but only when I do. I need to teach them the importance of developing their own prayer life. Whether we focus in on one prayer or not I don't know yet.

Nolan's school will be collecting money for Heifer International this Lent. It makes sense for us to take this on as our family project as well. We have been talking about some of our character flaws and I am thinking that we may offer up money for the project day by day as we begin to overcome some of our difficulties. How we monitor this is still in the works.

I do not ask the boys to fast during Lent but believe that they can give up treats and sweets. Sundays will be our reprieve which is why we are planning homemade pizza for those days. Finally, I think I will make a poster to mark our journey day by day.

These plans will morph as time goes by. I learned from this year's Advent that I need to keep things simple or they will not be done. I am a little worried that some of these plans are too complicated so I will continue to pray over it.

On a sewing note: The above picture is from a quilt I have been working on. Winter is such a terrible time to take pictures of my sewing that I just haven't done much picture taking to show you. Also, since the quilt is for a friend who reads my blog, I can't give the whole thing away. Please pray for Matthew who is due to be born Feb. 5th (Gulp....next week!!!!), for his birth parents and grandparents and for his adoptive parents and family. May God's blessing be on them all as they sacrifice and give to each other.

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Matilda said...

I love those colors! It looks beautiful so far and sounds like it is going to some very special people! Prayers for their journey!

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