Friday, February 15, 2008

Coaster Swap take 2

As I told you in this post, I signed up for a coaster swap. When I signed up I had so many other things to think about and do that I wasn't sure if I could spend much time on the coasters. But, they are small and quickly finished. I had a stash of Heather Bailey's freshcut fabric and I cut into that for my coasters. I like them and I've gotten some nice comments about them on flickr. But I kept having a nagging feeling that they weren't really the right style for my coaster partner. I can't tell you why because the whole thing is a big secret. You know, making it a surprise and all. Needless to say, I finished up my projects around the house and in the sewing room and so last night decided to give the coasters a second try.

I discovered (well, actually she discovered me) a new quilting blog, Crazy Mom Quilts. She makes AMAZING quilts. I am re-inspired with so many ideas. So I have to give her credit for the idea for my little coasters. I saw a similar block and thought it might look super great in a coaster. I sewed up the coaster tops last night and cut out the backing fabric. I'll finish them up today and show you the completed project.

I have a quilt that I am ready to start. A friend of ours is having a baby (her first girl after four boys!) in April. She doesn't read my blog so I am safe to show you the quilt in progress. I was inspired by this post from a year ago. It is an Irish Chain block. Here is the pattern that you can buy but I really didn't think it was necessary. I would never make the pillow (of course when I say never to something it means I'll usually do it sometime in the future...) which is the only part I would need the instructions for. It is a beautiful quilt and how I'll finish it is still unknown. I am a terrible quilt planner which in some ways is because I like to use unusual fabrics and then have a hard time matching things with them! This one is all Moda Marble fabrics which I just adore. I don't think you can go wrong with this line of fabrics.

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