Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday Night Wristlet

Boy, I had some fun last night. I worked hard to finish my Religious Education lesson for Sunday so that I could spend some time this weekend doing things I like. Of course, cleaning the house will probably get stuck in there somewhere and I don't like doing that but I DO like the way it looks after I'm finished.So, after our homemade pizza, Mike left for a gig and the boys were in the basement watching a movie.

I took the ipod to my sewing room and started organizing my shelves. I'd like to make a few of these little boxes for some of my notions but for the time being I used what I had to organize. I used to keep my sewing feet and machine needles in the little compartment in my sewing machine. I found that this wasn't the best organizational method and the needles kept falling out of their containers and I somehow managed to lose my zipper foot (which I replaced). So now my needles and feet and a few extras are
stashed on my shelves.

I folded my fabric (which is minimal after this event) and gathered my computer printed patterns in one folder. I was ready to sew.
I've been wanting to work on Oh Fransson's wristlet pattern for some time and have had all the supplies for months. I've been dying to see how she puts in the zipper. I have to admit that the price of the pattern was worth it just for this little tidbit. I love the way it went in and how the finished zipper looks. The wristlet instructions were very well put together. The pattern is for three different types of wristlet and two different sizes for each pattern. She also included several (4 or 5) ways to attach the strap using different types of hardware. I am lucky to live near a fabric and notions store where the notions are cheap, cheap, cheap! Ok, I should say they are inexpensive because the quality is first rate. I'll never shop for notions at JAF again. I used a swivel clasp and d-ring so that I could attach the wristlet to my big, ugly everyday bag.All in all it turned out nicely. It was very difficult to turn the bag due to the amount of fabric and lining. The wristlet is very soft but I'm not sure it needs the amount of sturdiness for my purposes. I may try it without the interlining next time to see how that turns out. I also sewed my seam too close to the zipper which made my upper corner not as clean edged as I would like. The bottom corners, too, aren't as crisp as I'd like. Well......I guess I'll have to make another one!

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