Sunday, November 2, 2008

Food, Friends and Fabric!

Yesterday my good friend, Paulette, and I went on our occasional breakfast and fabric outing. I found out about a new fabric store nearby and so Paulette and I spent Saturday morning chatting, eating and shopping. We started at 8am so we could be home by lunch time. I need to remember my camera next time so I can show you our fun. We stopped for breakfast at a local diner and then were off to Sauders. This was a gold mine. The fabric was inexpensive and plentiful. I bought quite a bit but didn't spend a fortune. I've got some baby quilts and Christmas presents in mind.Here is a belated present for my niece. She likes Japanese and Chinese things and so I made her this little wristlet with boxed corners. I'll give her the rest of the fabric, too, since she is a sewer herself.I haven't managed to get the lining to look quite as nice as the pattern looks but this one came together a little easier than the first. The bottom corners look nicer on this one than the first but I just made the flat wristlet that time. I think the next time I make this one I'll add a few more inches to the depth so it will hold more.

I'm excited about my other fabrics. I'll try to show you them soon. This week will be very busy as I have a training three evenings this week. I don't think I'll be doing any more sewing before next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Very nice wrislet Beth!

I nominated you for an I Love Your Blog award:

Marcia said...

Those are my favorite kind of day...fabric, friendship, and food!

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