Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brigid, the girl I never had

Here is little Brigid. She's been following me around the house this morning. Actually, since last night but only her parts were with me then. I was stuffing her extremities while watching episodes of Lost. Brigid was officially "born" about 15 minutes ago and like any proud mother I wanted to share her with the world. Maybe she'll help with the housework today?This is one of those projects I saw while cruising the blog world. I have quite a few blogs bookmarked and when I have a few minutes (or hours as the case may be) I like to see what people are up to. This year was so busy that I really didn't "keep up" with any blog so I've got lots of eye candy to catch up on this summer. I saw this post by Allsorts which led me to a really wonderful outreach called Craft Hope.Since one of my goals in life is to avoid collecting a lot of STUFF, giving away my projects is a great way for me to stay creative without hoarding my output. Whether I give little Brigid to Craft Hope or to some little girl in closer circles, I don't know. I do know that she won't be here for very long. I do think she needs a little quilt, though. Maybe even an apron.

I guess I should mention that I used this pattern by 60piggies. I'm constantly amazed by the creativity I find. I don't know what I'd do without a pattern, so I'm glad others are able to create them for me!!!

Well, I've got a busy day. Nathan and I started the morning off by visiting the Middle School he will be attending next year. As he put it, "I'll be a new kid again." I'm both sorry and glad about this. Sorry he (and his brother) have to change schools yet again but happy that the school will (hopefully) be a better fit for him. This afternoon one of Nathan's friends is coming over to visit and tonight Mike and I are going to see Les Miserable at our local theater. The boys are staying over at my parents. I'm not sure who's more excited, me or them! Needless to say, there is some cleaning to be done and dishes to be washed. Have a great Wednesday.

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volpecircus said...

congratulations on your little girl. she is adorable. sounds like it was good labor experience. :) i'm so envious of your work know, actually getting projects done and all.

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