Thursday, November 26, 2009

Skinny Pants

I discovered this clothing company today. They make pants for skinny kids. I have a skinny kid. I've had the pleasure of buying a pair of shorts that "should be" his size only to have him pull up the shorts, let go and have the shorts fall the entire way to the floor. I have two feelings about this. The first is frustration as it is so hard to find pants (even slims) that fit. The second is a twinge of jealousy. I wish I had this problem!!! OK, enough about me.

Yes, we buy the pants with the elastic inside that gathers in the extra fabric. Unfortunately, we have to gather so much fabric that it just isn't a good look. So, I've tried and tried to find slims to fit. When I get the waist size correct his ankles are sticking out. His favorite pair of pants are elastic around the waist. As we get into the teen years, this just isn't as groovy as it used to be.

So, what's a mom to do? Well, now one option is the Stringbeans Clothing Company.

According to their web site, they make cargo pants for boys and jeans for girls. The pants come with a 4 inch faced hem for rolling. This helps extend the life of the pants as your kiddo grows. They also have a VERY groovy item called cufflinx that iron on to the bottom of the pants to extend the life of those "floods." I see this as more of an option for girls which doesn't help me at all but it is such a great idea.

The price of the cargo pant is $40. I have to admit this is more than I usually spend on a pair of pants. It isn't, however, out of the range of a decent pair of pants at the mall. The website did not mention whether the pants are button/snap and zipper or elastic waist. I have an email in to the company to find out. This makes a big difference to me, as a sewer, for the $40 price tag.

Here's my dilemma: I'm pretty sure I can sew up a pair of similar cargo pants for Nathan for under $40. Now, those will be elastic at the waist pants. I have the pattern, I know how to sew, I have the time. I could make them in several colors.

So, what am I saying about Stringbeans? I think it is a fabulous idea. Few people sew these days. Most people won't balk at the price. The pants probably aren't for us for the reasons mentioned above but I believe many others will find them a good value. I wish these ladies lots of luck and good fortune.

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jennifer said...

Thanks so much for checking us out (and writing about us)! I know the price tag is a little steep for many people, especially given the current economy. I wish we could offer pants for skinny kids at a lower price point, but we're really just 2 moms without a big bankroll behind us! We'll be making truly slim jeans for boys soon, so keep any eye on our website!

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