Saturday, November 27, 2010

Advent Decorations

Every year at Advent I like to stick with old traditions and make new ones. We've had advent boxes filled with candy and the Playmobile nativity for probably over 7 years. This year I made some advent houses from a pattern I found in Quilting Arts magazine. I was able to use my stash except for the ribbon and the beads.

The pattern called for the numbers to be put on the pocket which is on the back of the houses. I prefer the numbers to be on the front, so I bought wood beads and wrote the numbers 1-24 which I then sewed onto the doors of each house. Sort of a door knob of sorts. I filled the pockets with the nativity, candy and a few messages. I've got a few other fun or educational pieces up my sleeve for the holiday season. I hope to keep you informed of them as the days go by. Have a great start to the advent season tomorrow.

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