Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Roll

We've had snow on the ground for longer than I can ever remember. Lots of birds at our feeders. Do you think Mr. Blue Jay has cold feet?
I wanted to share a few of the blogs I've been following these days. I think February is a wonderful time of year (at least in the cold, dark northeast) to sit with a cup of coffee and your computer and get some inspiration. I'm going with that notion, anyway. I do have to be careful about only getting inspiration and not creating anything myself but I've been doing pretty well at balancing looking and doing.
Here is our newest cat, Chloe. She is a doll. She loves looking out the window at the birds.
First, many of you may already be familiar with Sew Mama Sew! I seem to go in phases with their web site. They have a great store with fabrics and patterns and also a wonderful blog with ideas and tutorials. February is pillow month over at Sew Mama Sew! and they have some really wonderful give-aways, a pillow contest and tutorials. I have several pillows that need covering and I'm getting some ideas to help me along. Unfortunately, I have too many projects going right now to work on the pillows but I'm using this time to gather ideas. Check it out if you are interested in pillows or check the side bar for lots and lots of amazing tutorials about just about any subject.
The men of our household don't really enjoy my blogs as much as they enjoy perusing catalogs like this one: Think Geek:: Stuff for Smart Masses. Lots of laughter included.
Another blog I've been following is one that is fairly new to me. It is run by a mom of three and is called Make It Do. She's got some lovely ideas about sewing, crafting, cleaning and cooking. I love her blog setup. Although you can scroll through the blog chronologically, she also has tabs at the top that take you to the main subjects of the blog, including one called kids do. Kids do shows crafts, sewing and cooking that are appropriate for kids. One of the things I like about finding a new blog is being able to spend an evening looking through the whole thing. Lots of great ideas and inspiration all at once. You'll find lots of that at Make It Do.

Finally, a website that just blows my costume-making-mind is called Brielle's Costume Wardrobe. This girl is a true artisan. She creates and recreates costumes special ordered by customers. I am speechless about her costumes. You'll just have to click on the link and look up your favorite costume type to see what I'm saying. Go ahead, do it.

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