Friday, May 20, 2011

Need versus Want

Do you remember that Mike and I were redoing the kitchen? Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? Well, after a little reminder and pretty pleasing, Mike got back on the kitchen band wagon. I love that man. He's been painting up a storm. We got to the ceiling (finally). I was faced with the ceiling fan dilemma. 
 You can see the fan (upside down) above. It was perfectly functional. Not a think wrong with it. I just don't like it. In fact, I find it down right ugly. So here's the dilemma: Do I buy something new and throw out something old just because I want to? I do think in our society we worry too much about our wants. We have so few real needs as compared to some others in the world.

So what to do? Mike and I finally decided that we'd only replace the fan if we found something that we adored. Ok, and something that wasn't too pricey. Just FYI, our plan in the next 5-10 years is to gut the kitchen, rip out a wall and make a larger kitchen. That makes me not want to spend a lot of scratch right now fixing things up. Especially when they aren't broken.

Enter one trip to Lowes and Home Depot. Nothing was speaking to me at Lowes. You have to remember that we redid the kitchen in a 1950's-ish manner. Of course, ceiling fans weren't around then. So....trip to Home Depot. 
We found the above fan. Now you have to remember that our kitchen is teeny tiny. This fan has the smallest blades I've ever seen. I didn't even know they made fan blades that small. It's perfect for our small kitchen space. It was $50. We donated the old fan to our local Habitat Re-Store. So I don't feel totally horrible about getting rid of something that worked fine. 

Someone else may love it........right?

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