Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Modified Hours

I have a program to run tonight in Scranton. That means 2.5 hours to Scranton, a 2 hour program, and a2.5 hour trip home late tonight. There is good and bad to these programs. The good is that I do enjoy getting out and meeting with people and I get to modify my hours. So I won't start working until about 2:30 or 3 p.m. today. The bad is that I really won't see my children at all today. 

I do love being at home while the sun shines. When I have these days at home without the kids I like to plan my day so I don't wander around wondering what to do.

Today's agenda includes working on my etsy shop, preparing for a craft fair that is coming up, cleaning my bedroom (which I did last night so I didn't have to do it today), and studying.

Studying? Yes, I've been thinking long and hard about what my future holds. Of course we have only so much control over our future but we also can't leave it all to chance. I have a degree in social work and have been thankful for it. I do love helping people. I also have 12 credits toward my elementary/special education certification. I do have a passion for education as well. I love working with young children.

For many, many years I have wished we could have provided the boys with a Montessori education. It was too expensive for us to consider sending them to one of the two local Montessori schools when they were young. We looked into both of them. We loved both of them. I used some Montessori concepts when the boys were preschoolers and when I was homeschooling. During my education classes I wrote a paper or two about Dr. Montessori and her philosophy on development.

I've always thought her method could be employed in the Catholic school system as a way to include children with disabilities. 

So, I've decided to study. I'm reading through the basic books by Dr. Montessori to really think about her philosophy of development and her method of teaching (which really is a method of observation). I may try to visit the Montessori schools again to see how they are using her method and what they require of their teachers. I'm thinking if all goes well that I may look into getting my Montessori certification online. 

So.....I'm studying. 

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