Saturday, May 19, 2012

In the Shop

The Scrappy Quilt. I call it the I Spy Quilt.
Quick Pinwheel quilt with Organic line Quilting
Up close and personal with the organic line quilting.
Satin Baptismal Minky Blanket
Close up of the Baptismal Blanket 
Antique Pie Tin
1960's Dial-X Sharpener
It's been a productive week (I finished everything on the list). I finished my hourglass quilt which I am very pleased with. I am in love with the organic line quilting method. It does take a lot of thread but it gives the quilt so much texture. I was going through my scrap box and thinking of making some kind of scrappy pieced quilt. Most of the scraps were too small so I decided to make a quilt that is sandwiched first and the scraps sewn right onto the top. It's piecing and quilting all in one. I will never do it again. I like the quilt ok but I don't love it. I HATED making it. It took a lot of energy to finish it. I dislike having unfinished projects so that helped push me along.

On Friday I took a trip into our local Re-Use store and snatched up a boatload of satin. Much of it was between 10 and 15 inches wide and of various lengths with quite a few smaller pieces. I just couldn't resist buying the lot. I think it cost me $10 at the most. I decided to make baptismal infant quilts with it. The quilts ended up being about 26x26 and are backed with the softest minky fabric. I got 4 quilts out of the stash. Now I'm going to try to make baby booties with some of the smaller fabric. I have one larger piece that I'm hoping to make into a baby dress of some sort.

This morning I went to a few garage sales. I snapped up the pie tin and Dial A Sharpener you see above for a total of 75¢. Everything is listed in my etsy shop. I'm hoping to make enough money to cover my gas expenditures traveling to Philadelphia this summer. Traveling 3 hours every day for seven weeks is going to be expensive. I have a few other sewing projects in mind with the rest of the fabric I bought. More on that later this week. I think I need to make a list......

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