Monday, August 12, 2013

Late Summer

I just wanted to check in here to let you know what I've been up to. I spent so much of the summer trying to make my school a go only to have it fizz out for now. I'm at peace with that and have moved on to some other projects. I have had a job interview at a local Montessori school and am pretty sure of a part time position there. I'm focusing on building the Atrium for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program at our parish. It is a lot of work but coming together nicely. In addition, my good friend Amy has asked if I would do some sewing for her shop, Fresh Vintage by Amy. I've been working on buntings and doll making.

Last week we went on a little vacation to Cape Henlopen. We love to camp and the boys love the beach so Cape Henlopen is the perfect vacation spot (especially since we are ALWYAS on a budget). We stayed a bit longer than usual and I forgot my bathing suit! It was very relaxing and fun. I had a great time with my camera (400+ photos) and reading without feeling guilty and sitting by the fire. The weather wasn't great for the beach (which is why is wasn't too terrible that I forgot to pack my suit) and we went mini golfing one day. We also went on a terribly buggy hike one day which adds to our fun-after-the-fact-story-telling-adventure. We had the same experience last year. 

We've got about two weeks left to the summer. I always feel bitter-sweet about this time of year. The boys are getting so grown up and summer is such a change of pace from the rest of the year. I feel I haven't enjoyed a summer for about 3 years. I'm hopeful that next year (which is the last summer before Nathan graduates) will be a summer without any craziness! I'm settling into the idea of working part-time as a Monessorian, working part-time as a crafter and having time to spend on my family as they are finishing up their childhoods!

I hope your summer is winding down nicely and giving you some time to relax and reflect. Have a blessed evening.

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