Friday, August 16, 2013

More end of summer doldrums

I'm still lamenting the end of the summer. My garden is starting to die off, especially the squash vines. I've harvested onions and potatoes and just today cut off the first of the butternut squash. I always plant it a little early but it seems to be no worse for it. 

My dahlia's have been blooming all summer. This was my first experience with them. I was appalled when I saw the price of one plant. I had no idea it bloomed so proficiently for so long. Now it seems it was quite a bargain. I'll definitely have to buy a few more next year. 

Band camp has started and the cicada are singing. These are sure signs that the end of summer is approaching and the school year will begin. It's funny, I'm usually really ready for school to start but for some reason I wish it were a few more weeks off this year. I'm just not ready. 

Yet time waits for no man. So I guess we'll start looking for the binders and the backpacks and making sure the uniforms are clean and pressed and ready for another adventure. Nathan will be attending a half day culinary program and Nolan will be competing in his first marching band competitions. Good stuff.

I'm going to enjoy this one last weekend and pretend we've got all the time in the world. Which, I guess, we do depending on how we spend that time. 

Here's hoping you have a peaceful weekend as well.

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