Thursday, February 12, 2015

Because of Love

February. It's a month that is very difficult for me. What is glorious about February is that it is SHORT. It is the month in which we long more than in any other month for spring. We know that spring is not so far off as it once was. I guess that is the reason there are so many celebrations: Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, and this year Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year. Well....for me as a Montessori educator, we look at all of these cultural celebrations. 

I have been struggling with my Creative New Year's Resolution for February. My resolution for this month was to learn more about embroidery. 

Deacon Don and yours truely
 I was asked by a dear friend (see above photo) who is going to take his vows as a Catholic priest in June, to make his Maniturgium. When you feel great love for someone, especially someone you know has been on an arduous journey toward something of great good, you want to serve them as best you can. Of course I was greatly honored by his request.

A Maniturgium is really just a simple linen. I wanted to make it something extra special by embroidering it. Thus, the Creative Resolution for February. I have been working on learning the stem stitch and stitching on the linen.

To be honest, I'm not enjoying this endeavor much. I think some of the problem is that I feel so busy with my teaching (at school full time and then also at church) and with the days being short and dark and cold, that I just don't have the energy to put into a creative endeavor.
Vinegar Creek Constituency

On the other hand I have had the opportunity to hear some amazing music in our fair city. I generally take my cameral wherever I go. I think it is a way for me to compensate for my introvertedness (I think I just invented this word). I feel safe behind my camera. I find I am much more interested in photography and music than I am in sewing these days. 

The problem is that I am much more proficient at sewing and quilting than I am at photography and music making!

So...I'm dedicated to continuing my embroidery resolution for February but I'm looking forward to freeing myself from this resolution and changing it for March. Stay tuned....


Karen Keller-Eyer said...

You can do it Beth an it will be beautiful !

Hai Nguyen said...
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