Sunday, February 15, 2015

Getting into the Groove

This pattern can be found here for free.
 In my last post I talked about my difficulty in getting into my February Creative Resolution of learning hand embroidery. After a hard but fun week at school, I was able to spend my Friday night, part of Saturday and now my uninterrupted Sunday working on my project. 

I think having a little break (we have no school on Monday and I also had off from teaching at church today) in addition with a little sunshine this week gave me some extra energy. I finished embroidering the lettering and changed my mind about the embellishing for the maniturgium (maniturgia? I have seen it both ways). Initially I was going to stick with something a little more serious but then did some searching and decided on something a little more whimsical. Since the maniturgium is used to not only wrap the newly ordained priest's hands but also to wrap his mother's hands for burial, I decided this motif worked well for both things. 

I am hoping to finish it this weekend. I'm enjoying this extra embroidery so much I'm thinking of starting another little project in February.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. On Friday we celebrated at school with a little party. Parties are always a wee bit crazy but the children do so enjoy them. My co-teacher and I were surprised with a gift of roses from the class. Inserted into the roses were things the children said they loved about us. How sweet is that! Of course when coming from the 3-5 year old crowd some of the sayings were quite funny as well as sweet. 

It was a lovely end to a long week. Now we are into a cold, cold weekend but the sun is shining and I've got a little time. What could be better?

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Alyssa Corley said...

such beautiful stitching. I was wanting to get back into embroidering and went to Hobby Lobby to find some simple Tea towels and couldn't find any so I kind of "threw in the towel" and never started back up. Looking at your work makes me think that maybe I should try again...

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