Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Playing Catchup

Wow. It's been a long time. I had such great hopes for the things I was going to do this year. It seems school and family kept me busier than I anticipated. Hey, that's ok!

Above are a few photos to give a little synopsis of our last few weeks. Mike continues to play every chance he gets (which, as a professional musician is a lot!). I don't go to very many gigs because, frankly, they start too late for this early bird. The photos of him above are from two special shows, one with a friend Dan who put out an amazing CD and another was with a friend from High School celebrating the 20th anniversary of a CD he recorded for his 30th birthday. Fun times. 

The boys have been busy too. Nolan finished up his Junior year with the prom. Aren't they are beautiful couple? (only friends, though!) He has been accepted into the Culinary program for his Senior year at the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center. Way to go, Nolan! He's very excited.

Nathan graduated from high school and the Career and Technology Center Baking and Pastry Program. He also received a senior award, the Stanley Lipman Memorial Award. This was in honor of a special education teacher. We are so proud of Nathan and his accomplishments. He's searching for a full time job which is somewhat discouraging but we're persistent. 

We also celebrated the first Mass of Thanksgiving with our friend Father Don (it's still strange to say that!) who was ordained just this past Saturday. It's been a long journey for him and a new chapter is just starting. We're thrilled to know this amazing man and new priest!

As for me, (no, there are never photos of me) I've finished school and teaching the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd at church and am glad for some down time. We are heading out towards Pittsburgh this weekend to celebrate my oldest nephew's wedding. I finally finished their quilt (with a few days to spare) so now I'm ready to tackle some of my other projects.

More on those in another post. 

The weather has been glorious and I'm working on losing the 30 pounds I've gained in the last two years. So I'm walking and biking and trying to find some tasty but healthy recipes. Speaking of that....time for my morning constitutional with the hubby. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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