Thursday, July 10, 2008

All About Mike (almost)

Remember when I told you about all the really great nooks and crannies (I feel like a Thomas' English Muffin comercial) in our house? Well here's one that Mike loves. As most of you may know, my wonderful husband is an amazing musician. He has TALENT. The most amazing part of his talent is his humility. When his band was interviewed on NPR he chose not to talk. He prefers to be in the background. He never tells people he's recorded many, many CD's and toured the country and can play any 1960's or 1970's TV theme song at the drop of a hat. (actually most of our friends know he can do this and thus this is one fun party sing-along!)

Well, anyway, when the kids and I arrived home after the swim meet tonight we found Mike using the work bench as I'm sure no one else has used it since 1950. The work bench is for guitars. It is the perfect height and the perfect length. I really think someone built this house just for us.

If you want to hear some wonderful here.

Now for the not about Mike part. I've been thinking about my stash busting quilt and remembered a pattern from the Happy Zombie. I think I'll try this first. I'm also a member of the flickr group, the doll quilt challange and may try my hand at a few of those ideas. Of course, my back yard needs weeded and we have a swim meet on Saturday. I should be hand quiting and working on those curtains. Why is it that I always want to start a new project before the old ones are finished? Do you think it is part of my ADHD?

1 comment:

amy said...

sounds like it was built just for you.
adhd-lol, I can relate!

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